FX Luminaire Lighting Systems

FX Luminaire Lighting Systems

FX Luminaire is a leader in the Landscape Lighting Industry. Chesterfield Landscape Lighting is pleased to be a leading installer in Missouri for FX Luminaire Landscape Lighting Systems

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FX Luminaire Lighting Systems add beauty and elegance to your outdoor spaces through strategic illuminations from balanced, soft low voltage lighting. Low voltage LED lights and complete FX Luminaire Outdoor Lighting Systems are a thing to behold! Landscape lighting adds beauty, safety, and a touch of class to landscapes and hardscapes.

FX Luminaire provides and array of outdoor lighting products including Up Lights, Path and Area Lights, Down Lights, In-Grade and Well Lights, Wall and Step Lights, Underwater Lights, Hardscape Lighting, and a full-line of accessories. Lamps, Luxor Accessories, and Transformers are available for installation as well to provide you with a safe, energy efficient landscape lighting system.

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