Landscape Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a landscape lighting system cost? That all depends on the system. In order to arrive at a price, our installers will visit the property address where the system will be installed, take measurements, check out the landscaping and hardscapes, and then we'll make a recommendation to our customer based on what they have in terms of space and what they'd like in terms of a system. Our experienced designers understand you're working on a budget, and we will give the best price available. We cannot post prices on our website because every installation varies due to the nature of our work, and costs increase or decrease based upon a number of factors that are unique to every installation.

There are many excellent brands in the Outdoor Landscape Lighting space. Some of our favorites include Kichler, FX Luminaire, Hadco, Hampton Bay, Volt, and a few others. If you have a particular brand you'd like to go with, we can install anything. We also know what brands to stay away from. If you have more specific questions, give our installers a call and they'd be happy to help. Just call 636-736-0990

Outdoor lighting systems add beauty, elegance, and safety to your outdoor space. Pathway and driveway lighting illuminates stepping stones and spots that could make someone stumble in the dark giving homeowners and business owners peace of mind knowing the way is lit. Additionally, landscape lights and accent lights create shadows and points of illumination allowing skilled installers to highlight the natural beauty of your landscape and architecture. A quality landscape lighting system increases property value, and is a beautiful, appealing addition to your home or commercial property.

Many DIYers attempt to install landscape lighting systems on their property only to end up calling Chesterfield Landscape Lighting to complete the work when they get stuck. Honestly, if you aren't well-versed in working with electricity, you're taking a risk installing a transformer box or working with wiring. If those wires are sealed properly or that transformer isn't installed according to code, you put your property at risk for fire damage or other electrical damage, not to mention the liability or risk of injury you may face if something goes wrong. Not only will you get a higher quality product when you hire a professional for your installation, you're also going to save yourself the hassle of doing it yourself and having it done and backed by a warranty. Attempt it yourself if you'd like, but you're simply going to get a better deal and much better products when you hire Chesterfield Landscape Lighting for your installation.

Short answer - YES, and professionally installed landscape lighting system will add value to your property. Your curb appeal is enhanced, your beautiful landscape is there for all to see, your pathways and driveways are safer, and your home becomes the envy of the neighborhood. Investing in an outdoor lighting system is worth it!

Our lighting systems are generally set to activate when it gets dark. Your systems transformer serves as a control panel that is set on a timer. You as the lighting system owner can specify what time of day you'd like your lights to be active and when you'd like them to turn off.

LEDs are a great option for outdoor lighting systems simply because LEDs are super-efficient and the bulbs last for years. LEDs use around 75% less energy than incandescent light bulbs and last twenty five times longer. LEDs are the perfect option for outdoor lights. Customers get the most value and use out of our high quality LED landscape lighting.

With the advent of LED technology, it has become easier for Landscape Lighting Designers to offer more variety in colors when it comes to outdoor lighting. The short answer is yes, you can mix and match colors and get very creative in the process. Color options are limited by our manufacturers and certain products - just ask your installer for details related to the products you're interested in, and if what you're looking at won't work we can find a lighting solution that will. That is part of our job as your Landscape Lighting Designer, and our design team is very good at meeting our customer's expectations and desires.

Thieves are less likely to prowl around a home or business that is well-lit. Not only is your lighting system beautiful and decorative - the added security and illumination provided by an outdoor lighting system is also a factor in discouraging would-be thieves.

If you have existing exterior lights that you'd like to have upgraded as part of your larger installation, our friendly lighting experts can help you do just that. Let us know which lights you'd like to replace, and we'll include that in our project quote for you.

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